So much things to do that I don’t feel like doing

I am feeling quite foggy because weather is bad, cloudy but not raining, which would have been better. I don’t feel like doing anything so I decided to organize my old works and materials since they’re mostly pushed in boxes under my desk, and I found some old photographs I took in Venice and surroundings maybe in 2015. I decided to make some collages since I was feeling melancholic.


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  1. Great to revisit older work or images and find a new perspective. There is something uncanny about the collaging. The figures sort of fit in but dont. The jump in scale is obviously important.

    1. Yes, I kind of like the way people fit/ don’t fit in the environment. Sometimes, when I can’t make anything new or can’t work on current projects, I need to go back to past. This made me think about starting over my photography practice.

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