Depression x Me 2019-2020

I wanted this to be a book, or a wall of photos or something else.
For now it’s a virtual slideshow of self portraits while crying, but I am thinking about which would be the best way to expose this ongoing work.
I have been inspired by self portraits of artists like Ana Mendieta, Jan Bas Ader, Roman Opalka, Cindy Sherman.

I don’t like to expose myself (both in real life and social media) but, since I’m an artist and I need visibility, I think I need to change that in order to feel comfortable with exposure to the outside world, to the public etc.
These pictures are tough to show but I feel like I needed to start with something very strong in order to stop feeling professionally and personally judged for the general content of my work.
This serie is meant to embarrass the public in order to put them in my shoes: they’re exposed to something very personal, related to mental health issues, also crying is something usually (at least it is for me) private.
I have been thinking about how this pictures changed something inside myself, they have been therapeutic and I found that these tough moments are slowly decreasing.
I also consider this a kind of a performance.

I am open to critics and would also like to know what emotional reactions or whatever this serie could cause.

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  1. Thank you for sharing something so personal. The world can be a painful place and by sharing this I think you help others to relive that we need to be more gentle with others and our selves! This is a brilliant peace it really made me think! Thank you

    1. Thanks Mook 🙂 I really appreciate this.
      (Also, I didn’t know how to reply to the posts you wrote about your story, but it was so powerful and personal, also very involving, and made me want to watch movie about it or read a novel about it.)

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