I am thinking a lot about time.
How do we spend our time, how much time are we losing now, how much time do I have left?
I have always thought about death and fragility of our condition as human beings, but this sudden change in our lives makes it all feel more real.
I am spending a lot of time alone, thinking, reading, writing, basically doing what I normally do, and I had time to think about some new projects, that came to me in the shape of common objects that are populating my new hermit life.

1 My dad decided to eradicate some roots that were ruining the stone paving, and he managed to take out two or three square meters of them, I kept these and I still don’t know what to do with them.

2 I was doing grocery shopping, the only allowed activity since a few weeks, and choose a mango between the others because it had a nice scar. We ate it, and I took a part of the peel of to keep the scar, I let it dry in the sun, and now it looks like one of those macabre pieces of skin that can be find in some curiosity museums, or a sacred relic. Maybe doing a serie.

3 I have a fireplace in my studio, and since I had a vision of a body (mine?) covered in ashes, I started to collect all the ashes produced by the burnt wood.

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